Quality Control

Quality control involves two main jobs. Proofreading is what most of the QC process entails, but you’ll also be responsible for checking typesetting & image quality of the edits. QC requires strong English skills and good communication skills.


When reading the edit & translation you’ll need to look for the following:

  • Incorrect spelling
  • Grammar mistakes
  • Unnatural dialogue – Literal translations often sound unauthentic and need to be worded in ways that sound natural in English. Translators might overlook this or need help, so it’s something to watch for when reviewing edits.

Typesetting & Image Quality

While proofreading you should also be on the lookout for these issues:

  • Untranslated bubbles (excluding SFX)
  • Inconsistent font colors
  • Inconsistent font usage (Italics, bold, etc)
  • Inadequate word wrapping or overlapping
  • Dust/dirt (super noticeable black dots in white spaces, white dots in black spaces)
  • Underleveled pages (whites should be pure white, blacks should be pure black)
  • Uncropped or unstraightened pages
  • Inadequate redraws/cloning
  • Uncentered text in bubbles and boxes

File & Info Protocol

Be sure to remind the editor about these if they’re missing:

  • Proper inline credit is inserted on a page – Credit is given to everyone who works on a project. Inline credit is an area on a doujin page that lists the people who worked on the book. Make sure to check that the editor included this.
  • Relevant credit pages included in rar/zip


Quality control checking has two phases. After an editor finishes their initial edit of the raw doujin, they will upload the files ready to be checked and it will be moved into the Quality Control Check I subforum. They will also highlight @Quality Control on Discord. After two people have QC’d the edit, you will move the thread into the Editing Corrections I subforum. The editor will apply the corrections and will then move the thread to Quality Control Check II. You will do the final QC check to make sure the editor has fixed all mistakes. That’s the end of the QC process for a project.

The subforums are set up to mirror each phase of workflow as a visual aid in case you’re unsure of what to do next.


When an edit is ready for QC checking it’s important to try your hardest to do QC in 24 hours or less time. If you’re unable to meet that soft deadline then you should notify us on Discord so that we can assign additional QC team members to that project. It is extremely important to communicate any issues you have with getting QC done in a timely manner.