Oh No, What Have I Done?


I am open to reviewing people’s visionary HTML sites for our group but until then, this is what I’m working on by myself. Noku is going to assist with some automation down the road too and he has an eye for aesthetically pleasing design. If something is super ugly, he can probably help us there.

Seriously though, since I’ve dropped Shotachan and half my relationships with people, I am very focused on setting our group up for success. Feedback, ideas, etc are all something I encourage, but please be realistic, have concrete or fleshed out ideas, and a lot of patience. If you think you’re able to extend your volunteer capacity beyond what you’re already here for you can totally talk to me or Cipher about that as well. Just make sure to have specific ideas in mind. At this point in time it’s actually a little difficult for the managers to push heavier workloads on QC and editors until we get a few other things dealt with first.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, nor does it include things like continuing to deal with fallout from Shotachan’s closure, or me grinding doujin scanning, trying to scan all 3k~ doujins by the end of the year or sooner. Plus, living 3 lives at once. aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAA 🙃

Post Types

Translations post form backend 85 %
Translations post template frontend 65 %
Raw scans post form backend 85 %
Raw scans post template frontend 65 %
Purchase log post form backend 0 %
Purchase log template frontend 0 %
Wishlist/suggestions post form backend 0 %
Wishlist/suggestions template frontend 0 %

Metadata & Taxonomies

Establish tag rules 0 %
Establish category rules 0 %
Create tag group types 0 %
Frontend tag display 0 %
Frontend tag sorting options 0 %
Frontend ajax fuzzy search 0 %

File Management

Frontend FTP translator access 100 %
Chunk uploading / CF limit bypass 100 %
Analytic-supported downloads in custom post types 0 %

Team Management

Forum UX overhaul 100 %
Reconfigure access permissions 0 %
Linear user dashboard 0 %
Wiki / Task Guides / Informational handbook??? 10 %
Establish new group roles, select users, delegate tasks 0 %


Front archive page 70 %
Raws archive page 50 %
Translations archive page 50 %
Raws voting page 90 %
Contact page 95 %
Recruitment page 80 %
Commissions page 0 %
Artists archive page 0 %
Circles archive page 0 %
Parody archive page 0 %
Tags archive page 0 %
DMCA page 0 %
About Us page 0 %
Current Projects Page 0 %


Server-side caching enabled & configured 100 %
CDN purchased & configured 0 %
Image compression enabled & configured 0 %
Page compression, requests tweaked 0 %
Long ass list of server tweaks 25 %
Harden it all 10 %

Personal Notes

Two promising translator applications need to be dealt with asap.

Need to add some type of menu links for group members to login easily. Change the wplogin page cuz it’s ugly as shit.

Consider ditching current forums for custom dashboard posting options + webhooks for Discord updates. Very fuzzy idea though.

Really wanna write some stuff sometime this year too about misc scanlations topics like scanning techniques, equipment reviews, DRM cracking, shopping guides for doujin retailers, etc.

I'm high and we all have to deal with that