(Re:HUNTER) [Shounen Byoukan (Kanno Izuka)] Killua vs. Brion Mob (Hunter X Hunter)

This release marks our 100th release as Chin². We made it just before our second anniversary.

To mark the occasion, we’ve translated my first ever released scan. This doujin is one of the doujins that drove me to scan (who can resist Killua?). It was a dark period for scanned shota content back then and I didn’t want to let this doujin and a few other doujins fade into the darkness like all the others of the time.
Getting into scanning lead to me participating in scanlation groups, and then later splitting into Chin².
And here we are now, with our 100th release. It’s been a long road, but we’ve still got many more projects in the pipeline and hopefully into the future too. I hope you all look forward to them.